redback.get_data.get_swift_data(grb: str, transient_type: str, data_mode: str = 'flux', instrument: str = 'BAT+XRT', bin_size: Optional[str] = None, **kwargs: None) DataFrame[source]

Catch all data getting function for Swift. Creates a directory structure and saves the data. Returns the data, though no further action needs to be taken by the user.

  • grb (str) – Telephone number of GRB, e.g., ‘GRB140903A’ or ‘140903A’ are valid inputs.

  • transient_type – Type of the transient. Should be ‘prompt’ or ‘afterglow’.

  • data_mode (str) – Data mode must be from redback.get_data.swift.SwiftDataGetter.VALID_DATA_MODES. (Default value = ‘flux’)

  • instrument (str) – Instrument(s) to use. Must be from redback.get_data.swift.SwiftDataGetter.VALID_INSTRUMENTS. (Default value = ‘BAT+XRT’)

  • bin_size (str, optional) – Bin size. Must be from redback.get_data.swift.SwiftDataGetter.SWIFT_PROMPT_BIN_SIZES. (Default value = None)

  • kwargs (None) – Placeholder to prevent TypeErrors.


The processed data.

Return type: