Redback is currently at version 1.0, i.e., the version that accompanies the Redback paper. If you are interested in contributing please join the redback slack.

To make contributions to redback, we request that you first make an issue on redback github page describing what contribution you want to make. This minimises the risk of double effort from different people contributing the same functionality.

For all contributions to redback we require a merge request system. We also request that you implement some form of a unit test/or example that can be used to test your feature (if possible). The API documentation is automatically generated and this requires that every function/class you implement is well documented following the numpy or restructured text convention.

Before your request is merged, one of the core developers will look through your implementation and suggest any changes if necessary. This is to ensure that the software remains consistent and easily maintainable.

For more general tips, we recommend the guide to contributing for bilby here.