Sometimes, we wish to do further analysis after we fit. Or before fitting get a understanding of the priors to set, develop a new model, plot the spectrum etc. In redback we have a Analysis class that can be used to do this.

This class provides wrappers around the plot_lightcurve/plot_multiband_lightcurve functions in redback.plotting and provides a plot_spectrum function and some additional diagnostic/supplementary plots that are specific to certain models.

For example, if we wanted to plot a some specific parameters on top of the plot_lightcurve plot, we can do the following:

from redback import analysis

analysis.plot_lightcurve(transient, parameters, model, model_kwargs=None)


  • transient is the transient object.

  • Parameters is a dictionary or pandas dataframe containing the parameters we wish to plot.

  • model is the model we wish to plot. This can be a string or a function.

  • model_kwargs is a dictionary of keyword arguments to pass to the model function.

Please look at the API for the other methods available in the Analysis class.