exponential_powerlaw(time, a_1, alpha_1, ...)

param time:

time array in seconds

five_component_powerlaw(time, a_1, alpha_1, ...)

Five component powerlaw model

four_component_powerlaw(time, a_1, alpha_1, ...)

Four component powerlaw model

gaussian_rise(time, a_1, peak_time, sigma_t)

param time:

time array in whatver time units

line_spectrum(wavelength, line_amp, cont_amp, x0)

A gaussian to add or subtract from a continuum spectrum to mimic absorption or emission lines

six_component_powerlaw(time, a_1, alpha_1, ...)

six component powerlaw model

three_component_powerlaw(time, a_1, alpha_1, ...)

Three component powerlaw model

two_component_powerlaw(time, a_1, alpha_1, ...)

Two component powerlaw model