redback.sampler.fit_model(transient: Transient, model: Union[callable, str], outdir: Optional[str] = None, label: Optional[str] = None, sampler: str = 'dynesty', nlive: int = 2000, prior: Optional[dict] = None, walks: int = 200, truncate: bool = True, use_photon_index_prior: bool = False, truncate_method: str = 'prompt_time_error', resume: bool = True, save_format: str = 'json', model_kwargs: Optional[dict] = None, plot=True, **kwargs) RedbackResult[source]
  • transient – The transient to be fitted

  • model – Name of the model to fit to data or a function.

  • outdir – Output directory. Will default to a sensible structure if not given.

  • label – Result file labels. Will use the model name if not given.

  • sampler – The sampling backend. Nested samplers are encouraged to allow evidence calculation. (Default value = ‘dynesty’)

  • nlive – Number of live points.

  • prior – Priors to use during sampling. If not given, we use the default priors for the given model.

  • walks – Number of dynesty random walks.

  • truncate – Flag to confirm whether to truncate the prompt emission data

  • use_photon_index_prior – flag to turn off/on photon index prior and fits according to the curvature effect

  • truncate_method – method of truncation

  • resume – Whether to resume the run from a checkpoint if available.

  • save_format – The format to save the result in. (Default value = ‘json’_

  • model_kwargs – Additional keyword arguments for the model.

  • kwargs – Additional parameters that will be passed to the sampler

  • plot – If True, create corner and lightcurve plot


Redback result object, transient specific data object